Locking wheel nut removal isn’t something you tend to worry about until you find yourself in an emergency that requires removing one of your car’s wheels. And there are few things as frustrating as being unable to get a wheel off when you need to because the lug nut is stuck.

You probably know that the rim of the wheel is fixed onto the threaded bold shafts by a locking wheel nut. The nut maintains its lock on the shaft of the wheel by means of a nylon thread insert that lines the nut’s centre hole.

And if the insert becomes worn or stripped it becomes very difficult to remove the nut from the wheel.

There are various methods employed by people to try and remove the locking nut. Some will attempt to use a wrench, but this isn’t recommended, as there is the risk that you could damage the wheel rims.

In fact we wouldn’t advise trying any DIY methods unless you really know what you are doing, as you can easily damage the tyre, threads or lug nuts through too much force or improper action.

Thankfully, the Kerb Appeal team can come to the rescue! We are able to offer locking wheel nut removal using a special wheel nut remover. It works with a reverse thread that grips the outside of the wheel nut for easy removal without posing any danger to your wheel rims or tyres.

So if you find yourself in a but of bind with your lug nuts, contact myself, Simon Trayler, on 07956 530 949 / kerbappeal@live.co.uk - we'll take care of everything for you.

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