If you’re reading this, then it probably means that you take great pride in your car. But what if you could give it a look that was totally unique?

Through one of our recommended trading partners we are able to offer a complete vehicle wrapping service.

What is vehicle wrapping?

  • Large panels of vinyl are applied to your vehicle to transform its appearance.
  • The vinyl can be matt or gloss, single colours, patterned or metallic – the choice is endless.
  • The vinyl protects your vehicle from chippings, salt and acid and lasts up to six years, depending on the material and the maintenance.
  • It can be removed quickly and easily to reveal the pristine paint finish underneath.

Prices will depend on the type of vehicle, the material chosen and other factors.

Please contact us for further details by calling 07956 530949 or emailing us via kerbappeal@live.co.uk.